Cantar Electronic JADEVER JPL 15 Cu Brat



  • Three display windows, weight/unit price/total price
  • Dual display, operator side and customer side
  • New electronic design for improved operation
  • (A/D design cover by aluminium plate, prevent PCB from static and moisture)
  • Tare, pre-tare, auto zero tracking
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Filter level option
  • Overload protection design
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Bubble level and adjustable feet
  • Dust proof PVC cover included
  • Selectable2 level divisions readability
  • Detachable weigh platter easy to clean
  • Low battery and charging status indication
  • Maximum of 99 data accumulation can be stored
  • Transportation protection device
  • Auto power off timing selection, save battery life
  • CE approved